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Welcome to the Shark Tracker

Here you will find the latest position information for the sharks we have tagged with remote tracking transmitters. We have deployed both Wildlife Computers PAT-MK-10-F tags and SPOT5 tags.  These tags offer the latest technological advance in tracking free living marine species.

Mark / re-capture, Plankton and distance sampling surveys are undertaken in parallel with telemetry deployments. Our group is focused on gathering data to support the implementation of a sustainable management initiative for the species in Irish and Atlantic waters. Please browse the website for more information on our projects and goals.

As part of the Shark Tracker each shark is named and adopted by a local coastal community or organization. These names represent the character of each associated group and the close association they have with the marine environment and their coastal heritage.  

Note: Once Tags are deployed details on individual sharks and their track will be available on this page.



Shark Spotting Project 2013

  • Foyle: Lough’s Agency, Lough Foyle
  • Koisan: Private Donor
  • Balor: Inishowen Basking Shark Study Group
  • Wyville: QueensUniversity Belfast


Monster Munch Project 2012 

  • Iascagáin: Scoil Iosagain,Buncrana
  • Banba: Scoil Naomh Mhuire, Malin Head
  • Colm doesn't Cille: Scoil Cholmcille,Glengad
  • Bunagee Beauty: Scoil Naomh Buadáin, Culdaff 
  • Green Marine: Scoil Cholmcille, Greencastle 

Click on the name links below to access the Tracker page for each Shark 


Foyle II is a 6-8m shark successfully equipped with a wildlife computers SPOT tag just south of Malin head at 17:45 on the 12th of July 2013. The shark simultaneously tagged with a visual placard (White 595) dived immediately upon tag deployment and was not seen again by the survey team on the…
Foyle II in Float Boat

Shark Name: Banba 'Bob' School: Scoil Naomh Mhuire, Malin Head Teacher: Diarmuid Walsh Description: 5m Female shark with distinctive scaring behind dorsal fin and on right pectoral fin. Good notches in Dorsal fin for photo ID. Visual tag ID 571. Video taken before tag deployment see link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epIPLpOvkO0&feature=youtu.be This shark was…
Banba 'bob'

Shark Name: Colm doesn't Cille School: Scoil Cholmcille, Glengad Teacher: Mary Harkin Description: 4m shark with distinctive vertical white scaring lines on the port side of the Dorsal fin. This shark was tagged in the early morning calm South of Lenan head, well within the mouth of Lough Swilly. A…
Colm doesn't Cille fin picture

Shark Name: Bunagee Beauty School: Scoil Naomh Buadáin, Culdaff Teacher: Bernardine Quinn Description: A 5m shark which was feeding with nose above the waters surface. This shark was tagged in the afternoon in the Garvan Isle sound. A strong tidal flow was present and the shark was feeding along the…
Bunagee Beauty Dorsal fin

Shark Name: Green Marine School: Scoil Cholmcille, Greencastle Teacher: Ms Fionnuala Monaghan Description: At 6m Green Marine is the largest and most placid of the satellite  tagged sharks. This Female shark was docile and allowed excellent video shots and fin pictures to be recorded subsequent to deployment. The shark remained feeding on…
Green Marine with tag attached

Shark Name: Iascagáin School: Scoil Iosagain, Buncrana Teacher: Pauric Mc kinny Description: Very small 2-3m shark tagged 1 mile north of Malin Tower. No distinctive fin or body features. Dived immediately after tag deployment and did not re-surface within local area. Initially spotted within 30m of boat feeding in moderate…
Iascagáin with sat tag attached before diving