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Green Marine

Green Marine with tag attached
Green Marine with tag attached
(c) E.Johnston 2012

Shark Name: Green Marine

School: Scoil Cholmcille, Greencastle

Teacher: Ms Fionnuala Monaghan


At 6m Green Marine is the largest and most placid of the satellite  tagged sharks.

This Female shark was docile and allowed excellent video shots and fin pictures to be recorded subsequent to deployment. The shark remained feeding on the surface for a minimum of one hour subsequent to tagging. Not surprisingly this largest shark has been the first to establish an uplink with the satellites and relay data back from the tag.

To view video of green marine go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paMXY5vTxsQ&feature=context-gau for video  

Green Marine prematurely popped off on the 02nd October 2012

Time 01:50:25

Location: Irish sea

Lat 51.299N

Long 005.789W

The tag recorded sufficient information to recreate movement tracks and depth with temperature data fields. This will be published together with the other shark tracks.

By a series of elimination votes the title ‘Green Marine’ was bestowed on the Greencastle shark.

Greencastle is home to one of Irelands Largest fishing fleets, the BIM National Fisheries College and an inspiring Maritime Museum. Maritime heritage is strong here with the majority of population working in or servicing the marine sector. In July 2012 Greencastle will host the start of the final leg of the Round World Clipper Race.


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