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About Us

The Irish Basking Shark Project is an amalgamation of research studies based on the island of Ireland.

Project Aims By co-ordinating our research and surveys we aim to:

  • Educate the public – in particular marine users, on Basking Sharks
  • Promote responsible and sustainable research, exploitation and monitoring of Basking Sharks
  • Further the knowledge base of Basking Sharks through active research
  • Promote the development of partnership and lobby of relevant organisations and bodies with regard to objectives

Current Objectives We have determined a number of objectives which will help us achieve our strategic aims

  • Determine an accurate estimate of the current Irish Basking Shark Population
  • Investigate the current population trend and it’s determining factors
  • Promote the legal protection of Basking Sharks under Irish law
  • Identify geographically spread critical habitats for Basking Shark suitable for designation as marine protected areas under national/ international law

If you would like to get involved or contribute to the project please don’t hesitate to contact any us through the contacts page.

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