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New Trans - Atlantic Record

Tuesday, 14 November 2017 17:57
Basking Shark with Sat Tag attached
Basking Shark with Sat Tag attached
(c) eric savetsky 2017

Shark tagged off Malin Head, Donegal turns up off the East Coast of the US.

One of the basking sharks that were equipped with a satellite transmitter on the North Irish coast at Malin head has been videoed and sighted off the North East coast of the US by a Mr Eric Savetsky. This is an interesting development as previous tracking studies have shown numerous north south movements on both side of the Atlantic but there is only one previous record of west east Atlantic basin movement by a basking shark. This record is in keeping with recent studies highlighting the low genetic diversity of the animals not just in the Atlantic but globally and suggests the interconnectivity of the sharks throughout the whole Atlantic basin is current and active. The implications of this finding are huge with regard to the need for conservation measures around the species and the importance of Irish legislation to protect them when on our Coast. The tag was filmed at Nauset which is a beach in Orleans, Massachusetts. Further details will be posted shortly about this record.