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Foyle II

Foyle II in Float Boat
Foyle II in Float Boat
(c) E. Johnston and P. Mayo 2013

Foyle II is a 6-8m shark successfully equipped with a wildlife computers SPOT tag just south of Malin head at 17:45 on the 12th of July 2013. The shark simultaneously tagged with a visual placard (White 595) dived immediately upon tag deployment and was not seen again by the survey team on the surface.

The Lough’s Agency funded Foyle II tag is part of the ‘Shark Spotting’ project, which is a new collaborative initiative between the Irish Basking Shark Study Group, Queens University Belfast and a private donor.

Shark Spotting is part of an overall study on the use of ‘hotspots’ by basking sharks throughout the whole North East Atlantic. Our particular interest lies with their use of the Malin head ‘Hotspot’ , and it’s value for the species as a whole, however basking sharks travel great distances in short timeframes and of course recognise no colloquial boundaries.

Report your sightings of any basking sharks with a Yellow Towed Float and/or WHITE 595 Visual Tag

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