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Foyle and Koisan Deployed

Monday, 10 June 2013 19:38
Foyle deployed on a Fin using a new clamp arrangement
Foyle deployed on a Fin using a new clamp arrangement<br>
(c) E. Johnston 2013

Foyle and Koisan Deployed

Two SPOT tags have been deployed on individual sharks off Malin head in an effort to track shark movements when on the Malin or Islay Front. The tags were deployed as part of the new ‘Shark Spotting’ initiative which is part funded by the Loughs Agency and Queen University Belfast.

Spot tags have been successfully used by the Exeter university and SNH basking shark initiative in Scotland on the North end of the Islay/ Malin front.

Details of the individual sharks and their tracks will be shortly put up on the website in the Shark Tracker section.