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Shark Slime !

Wednesday, 14 April 2010 17:29
Baskingshark Head
Baskingshark Head
(c) Emmett Johnston

Research on basking sharks, funded by the Heritage Council will be the subject of a live lecture by Dr Simon Berrow under the auspices of TEDx Dublin.  The talk entitled "Shark Slime ! A tool for a better global understanding of basking sharks" will present the discovery that DNA can be extracted from shark slime using non-invasive research techniques. Please tune in to TEDx Dublin for this event streamed live on the internet.

The event at the Science Gallery in Dublin on 12 March 2010 will be streamed live on <a href="http://www.sciencegallery.com/webstream" target="_blank"><b>http://www.sciencegallery.com/webstream</b></a> from 9pm.